Service Providers

FTA works with a broad range of service providers that support the activities of BSCI and BEPI, the association’s sustainability initiatives.

BSCI for Service Providers


Independent external audits are used by BSCI participants to assess producer performance against the BSCI Code of Conduct. All BSCI audits are exclusively conducted by auditing companies accredited by Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS) that sign a framework contract with BSCI.

Only auditors that meet the BSCI Auditor Qualification criteria can conduct BSCI audits

How to become an auditing company in the BSCI framework?

Due to revisions in BSCI procedures, applications for becoming an auditing company in the BSCI framework are not accepted for the time being. Once the requirements and procedures are finalised, interested auditing companies will be able to start the application process on this page.


BSCI offers capacity building activities to BSCI participants and producers in Europe and sourcing countries to help build knowledge, skills and ownership to achieve sustainable improvements in social compliance. These include awareness raising sessions, e-learning tools, in-house trainings, and advanced, issue-specific workshops. BSCI has developed a network of professional consultants that provide tailor-made capacity-building activities to support BSCI and its participants.

BEPI for Service Providers


BEPI welcomes interest from qualified environmental assessors to measure producers' environmental conformance and performance. Assessors are not required to become FTA members. To register your interest in getting involved with BEPI as either an environmental consultant or an assessor, please contact our team:


BEPI welcomes environmental consultants that are interested and qualified to deliver on-site environmental support to producers. Consultants are not required to become members of FTA or participants. Their role is to provide producers during the improvement phase with:

  • Practical recommendations for environmental improvements on target environmental performance areas
  • Highlighting economic benefits and business advantages of improved environmental performance
  • Preparation of the producer for the assessment

To register your interest in getting involved with BEPI as an environmental consultant, please contact