We empower the actors of the supply chain. Awareness and Capacity Building on environmental management system principles and environmental issues of factories, BEPI helps participants and their producers to integrate environmental performance into their business practices towards more mature and resilient supply chains.

Capacity Building for BEPI happens at two levels

Training, webinars and workshops provided for participants and producers through the FTA Academy.

The focus and content of capacity building are adapted to the type of audience, the maturity level, sector, country or region.

The sessions are created to assist beginners and advanced actors, and address all steps of the BEPI Journey.

Please check the FTA Academy for topics and sessions available.

Bespoke, on-site support for producers from environmental consultants in the Improvement Phase.

The main environmental improvement activity, the BEPI Improvement Phase, provides producers with local environmental experts, who are tasked to:
•    Analyse and list potential improvements during an on-site visit
•    Advise producers on how to prioritise and shortlist improvements to implement
•    Support and coach producers on how to get started and achieve the improvements shortlisted
•    Provide training to producer staff where and when needed

Are you a BEPI Participant? If yes, please see your BEPI Guidance for Participants for more details. 
If not, please contact us at bepi@fta-intl to know more.