FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION AND RIGHT TO COLLECTIVE BARGAINING: Building Dialogue Between Workers and Management in the Food Supply Chain of Morocco

As the BSCI Code of Conduct reflects through the "Rights of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining" principle, social dialogue enables improvements in conditions for workers. On 15 January 2015, BSCI brought together representatives of Oxfam, ILO and trade union federations among other key stakeholders for a Round Table meeting in Agadir, to discuss ways to build social dialogue between management and workers.

Theme of the Round Table

The event, entitled "Developing Social Dialogue in Businesses: Grievance Mechanisms – How to Meet Expectations", built on a previous edition that identified important themes for better management of labour relations in the Moroccan agricultural sector. During this meeting, participants discussed means to improve communication and trust in the relationship between employers and unions and the need for awareness campaigns to reinforce a culture of social dialogue within businesses.

Operation Pilot Project Launched on Grievance Mechanisms

In parallel, a pilot project involving several local producers in the agriculture sector was launched and aims at providing them with best practices in building effective grievance mechanisms. The workshop was designed to practically support them to successfully organise elections of worker representatives in their company. BSCI will continue to support efforts with its partners in this country, to provide dedicated capacity building around the area of grievance mechanisms.