FTA is a business-driven association actively shaped through a governance led by member companies and national trade associations. From the highest level of the FTA General Assembly, through to the various committees, members and participants are at the heart of our services. All the information related to the FTA governance is detailed in the FTA By-laws.


FTA General Assembly

The FTA is governed by the General Assembly (GA), which is composed of all ordinary members and associate members of FTA. The GA takes decisions on the following issues:

Ordinary members receive voting rights according to their turnover. This approach reflects the contribution companies bring to FTA.

FTA Board of Directors

The FTA is run by a Board of Directors reflecting the diversity of our association, embracing retailers, importers and brand companies from different countries and businesses.

BSCI Steering Committee

The BSCI initiative is run by a Steering Committee that deals with all BSCI issues as far as can be delegated by the FTA Boad.

Management Committee

The President (Tino Zeiske), Vice President (Herman Poelmann) and the Director General (Mr. Christian Ewert) constitute the Management Committee of the FTA. The Management Committee has the following powers:

  • Preparing decisions for the BoD
  • Ensuring efficient decision-making in the BoD
  • Preparing decisions on FTA membership for the BoD

Finance Committee

The Financial Committee is formed by the Treasurer (Herman Poelmann) and two other members of the BoD, one of whom must also serve on the BSCI Steering Committee (respectively Mr. Mikael Sjögren and Ms. Pirjo Heiskanen). The Financial Committee is responsible for monitoring the budget and for preparing the annual accounts and the annual budget.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is formed by Mr Martin Bruening (Chair, BSCI WG Communication) and two other board members ( Mr Ake Weyler, Mr Tino Zeiske). The Committee is responsible for FTA’s communications strategy and action plan.

Other Governance Bodies

As well as those outlined, FTA’s ITP service and sustainability initiatives BSCI and BEPI are also supported by governance bodies inviting the full participation of members to shape and influence the development of the association from within.


  • International Trade Policy Committees unite various interested FTA members as well as ITP’s expert team, to discuss current significant policy aspects of international trade twice per year


  • BSCI Working Groups: These groups of participants get together to give feedback to the BSCI Steering Committee on different important topics to ensure the association is shaped to reflect the needs of participants themselves.
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  • BEPI Working Group: This group of participants is charged with directing the shape and influencing the development of the initiative.
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