International Trade Policy

Strong commercial ties with the world are crucial, given that 90 percent of global economic growth is generated outside of Europe. Trade negotiations bring benefits such as reduced tariffs and trade barriers, greater foreign investment and improved commercial presence. The continued growth of European commerce therefore depends on successful international trade relations. This in turn supports economic growth and social development.

In the area of trade policy, FTA:

  • Informs policy-makers at the highest level about European retailers’ and importers’ priorities
  • Informs members about policy developments to share potential business opportunities as well as impacts on their commercial activities
  • Supports the World Trade Organization (WTO) as the ideal platform to meet the challenges of an ever more complex and internationalised economy by taking part in WTO Ministerial conferences
  • Advocates prosperous relations with major EU trading partners and sourcing countries for mass consumer products
  • Supports the EU’s policy of concluding ambitious international agreements that will help the EU to defend its position as the world’s largest trading bloc

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