OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY: Promoting a Safer Workplace in Bangladesh

Fires pose particular threats to factories in Bangladesh’s garment industry, particularly in light of a tragic outbreak at Tazreen in 2012. This underlines the critical need for training and education at factory level on fire prevention and safety procedures in this country. BSCI supports its participants to provide dedicated fire safety training to factory managers through a partnership with Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), an international certification and training organisation.

How is BSCI working with WRAP?

WRAP fire safety training offers a day-long programme for BSCI producers aimed at preventing and safely dealing with factory fires. Based around interactive exercises for participants, it focuses on important topics such as performing a fire risk assessment using a five-step analysis of what the issues are, who’s at risk, what can be done, and how to deal with it. Dedicated trainers send delegates away with a toolkit that is truly helpful in assisting factories to prevent fires. The training concludes with a practical fire-fighting session - including a live demonstration in using fire extinguishing equipment.


BSCI has already coordinated several WRAP fire safety trainings. Feedback from attendees is positive, with factory managers reporting in particular how practical and operational the sessions were, for example:

The content of the course was really useful because it is designed to be readily put into practice on the factory floor - I will share what I learned when I go back to the factory, taking the first step by performing a fire risk assessment.”

I found the live demonstration at the end to be very useful to know what steps to take in case of a fire-related emergency. I will definitely be able to apply the knowledge I learned.”