Promoting the Rights and Responsibilities of Workers in India

BSCI joined the Rights & Responsibilities Info Film Programme (R&R) in 2013 to support producers linked to BSCI participants to increase awareness among their workers about their rights and responsibilities, and to support upskilling factory managers to integrate these practices in their operations.

What is the R&R Info Film Programme?

The R&R Info Film Programme focuses on addressing low awareness among garment factory workers in India regarding their rights and responsibilities as well as the those of their workers. Key labour issues are addressed, including Health and Safety, Misconduct, Good Working Environment, Overtime and Worker Representation. The programme is taught over the duration of 10 to 12 months through the following means:

  • One-day workshop for factory managers on training techniques and effective use of the info films
  • Follow-up visits by experienced coaches to support the implementation of the programme
  • Access to dedicated webinars, seminars and support services

Management and workers are specifically trained on effective communication channels as an important contributor to an efficient workplace. By involving factory workers, management and worker representatives, it also observes the implementation aspect of allowing appropriate measures to protect workers and make them aware of their rights and responsibilities.


The R&R Info Film Programme brings various direct and indirect benefits to BSCI companies who participate:

  • Strengthening workers understanding of their rights
  • Improving worker-management dialogue and sound information exchange on workplace issues
  • Empowering producers to develop their supply chain in a way that respects human and labour rights

Results from preliminary training sessions show positive outcomes, for example:

  • A factory manager made organisational changes in his company by introducing suggestion boxes, opening a channel with workers
  • A factory manager began attending committee meetings and set deadlines for issue resolution in the same meeting
  • A producer drew inspiration from the films and created an in-house induction film himself
  • A producer set up a dedicated training department in his factory

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