Over the last 40 years, stakeholder engagement at FTA has evolved from an international trade focus to encompassing broader social and environmental issues that impact on global supply chains. Today, FTA mobilizes its broad multi-stakeholder network to engage closely with businesses to leverage its collective strength, build the pace and scale of responsible trade and facilitate transformative change in global supply chains.  

By establishing long-term strategic partnerships built on trust and mutual synergies, FTA brings together its members and stakeholders to share knowledge through open and interactive dialogue to collaboratively tackle complex supply chain issues. Our partners include key figures from governments, industries, civil society organisations, UN agencies and trade unions to address mutual priorities towards the integration of responsible business, social and environmental interests. 

Stakeholder engagement at FTA cuts across all departments, integrating priorities of both our sustainability operations and our policy and advocacy services. Our broad international network offers the opportunity for stakeholders to engage with a truly global audience, leveraging our collective influence to promote trade with purpose and inspire confidence that workers and the environment are respected.