Sustainable Supply Chains

Sustainability is important to long term business competitiveness, as well as economic and social development. However, Europe’s approach to sustainable trade and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) must evolve in ways that are consistent with business realities. FTA participates in ongoing political discussions on free and fair trade at European level to monitor the evolution of policy in this arena, represent members’ priorities and share information with them that is crucial to their business.

FTA believes that striving for sustainable supply chains is an essential component of free trade, enhancing development, economic growth and prosperity. An important element supporting the competitiveness of companies and European retailers, sustainability criteria are being increasingly placed at the core of their business. To support this, FTA therefore:

  • Monitors ongoing discussions on free and fair trade at European level
  • Works to ensure that Europe’s evolving approach to sustainable trade and CSR takes business realities into account
  • Advocates that the EU acknowledge in its treatment of sustainability policy, that promoting business opportunities and economic growth is at the heart of EU commercial policy
  • Advocates that greater focus is placed on acknowledging existing CSR initiatives, such as the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and the Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI), developed by FTA to support members in improving social compliance and environmental performance in supply chains