Better Cotton Initiative - Global Cotton Conference 2017

17-05-2017 to 18-05-2017

The first ever Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) Global Cotton Conference 2017 will bring the entire sector together to shape a more sustainable future for the cotton industry. The conference provides a unique opportunity to explore themes at field-level, in the value chain and in consumer-facing business. Join industry experts, business leaders and other key stakeholders to share perspectives on the keys to unlocking a better future for cotton.

We invite you to unleash opportunity and register now for the 2017 FTA Conference, where the Better Cotton Initiative will join us at the breakout session on 15 June, Size Does Not Matter – Sourcing Raw Materials Sustainably. Hear how all businesses, including SMEs, are vital to drive supply and demand of sustainable commodities and learn how you can include sustainable raw materials in your products.

Read more about the BCI Global Cotton Conference 2017 conference and register here.