The Chemical Watch Global Business Summit 2017

20-03-2017 to 22-03-2017

The Global Business Summit 2017 is a unique three-day event with a sharp focus on the business aspects of chemicals regulations across the globe. Taking place in Amsterdam from 20-22 March 2017, the Summit will provide expert insights to help you develop strategies to meet the business challenges posed by today’s complex and evolving regulatory environment.

Day one of the Summit focuses on the rise of global chemicals regulations and their impact on business. The day starts with a keynote presentation from Achim Halpaap of UNEP which considers how we are moving forwards on sound management of chemicals globally. The expert speakers will then look at some new areas of regulation including those from Canada, Brazil, USA, South Africa and Turkey. The Summit will also look at Innovation and REACH and includes speakers from the EU Commission, ECHA, CEFIC and Dow. 

Sessions on day two will take a closer look at supply chain issues. Following a keynote address from Frank Michel, Executive Director of FTA's partner the Zero Discharge of Harzardous Chemicals (ZDHC), the day focuses on different industry sectors and their specific supply chain issues, including electronics, aerospace, food contact and cosmetics. During this day, FTA's Senior Manager of Environmental Programmes, Anouschka Jansen will share her expertise on the challenges of coping with changing and complex requirements for companies in the textile supply chain and carcinogenic mutagenic reprotoxics (CMRs). 

Finally day three explores safer chemicals and the regulatory and voluntary drivers. An expert panel will then consider the different tools and approaches to safer chemicals. This session includes case studies from innovation projects.

FTA supports the Global Business Summit and invites interested participants to read more and register here


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