FTA Conference 2017

14-06-2017 to 15-06-2017

Join the FTA Conference on 14 – 15 June in Brussels to discuss, discover and design ways to UNLEASH OPPORTUNITY for everyone through sustainable global trade. Hear from businesses, academics, non-profits and policy makers leading this movement and explore innovative solutions that are making sustainable value chains a reality. 

As governments' commitment to open trade, human rights, and global concerns like climate change are in question, the responsibility for businesses - large and small - to address the issues is more important than ever. This conference, celebrating FTA's 40 year anniversary, will introduce FTA's Vision 2030 and look at the future trends of trade and supply chain sustainability, showing how FTA as a collaborative platform can help businesses to address challenges and remain resilient. We will inspire you, as individuals, to become change makers at work and in the world. Breakout sessions will provide practical support across a range of key topics, including the future of big data, becoming a change maker in your organisation, assessing country risk and dealing with chemicals in the supply chain, to name just a few.

We are delighted to welcome Arancha González- Head of International Trade Centre, Dr. Janez Potočnik - Co-Chair of International Resource Panel at United Nations Environment Programme, Parul Sharma - Chair of the Swedish Government’s delegation for implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030, among many innovative and inspiring speakers.

It’s going to take collaboration, commitment and insatiable curiosity to drive sustainability as common practice in value chains. Participate in this co-creative process and help bring the whole system into one conversation.

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