FTA Member Webinar – What is your fibre footprint?


On 16 November FTA will hold a webinar for its members entitled 'What is your fibre footprint? Learn how design and fibre choice impact sustainability'

Fibre choice can have a significant impact on the environmental and social footprint of apparel, but many companies do not know where to start when thinking about how to make improvements in this area.  A new project from the EU has been designed to help companies get started, or solidify and refine existing work, on sustainable fibres.
The European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP) is an EU-Life funded project that covers sustainable design, production, consumption, public procurement, collection and recycling through to reprocessing. 
This webinar will be hosted together with ECAP partner organisations MADE-BY and the Danish Fashion Institute for FTA members to learn more about the environmental impact of apparel design and fibre choice, and how they can participate in the EU-funded programme.
This webinar aims to cover:
· The background; why does design and fibre choice matter? 
· How to get started; learn about the tools and resources that are available to support companies, including EU funded projects as part of ECAP.  
· How can participating in BEPI support and complement work on design and fibre choice?

Speakers include:

Ria Kearney

Senior Consultant – MADE-BY

Tobias Noe Harboe


Project Manager - Danish Fashion Institute

Anouschka Jansen

Senior Manager – Environmental Programmes, FTA



For this member-exclusive webinar, please contact info@fta-intl.org to receive the registration information.