NCG 'Tour de France' - Paris


2017 welcomes a new Coordinator for the NCG France alongside a new approach to NCG meetings. FTA's existing members and potential new member companies are invited to join the meeting in their closest proximity to learn more about the recent work of FTA and the tools that are made available towards contributing to our members' responsible and sustainable supply chains.

The morning will explore the work, actions, tools and services of FTA, including international trade, the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), the Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI), FTA Academy, Sustainability Dashboards, etc. In addition, a particular focus will be placed on the latest developments in French regulation concerning the prevention of corruption (Loi Sapin II) and the Duty of Vigilance.

The afternoon is dedicated to two workshops, one for existing members which focuses on the practical use of the BSCI platform and other tools, the other is for future members and will explore first steps for new members including fundamentals of the process, reference documents, commitment formula, fees etc.

See the full agenda here.

This very last meeting will take place on 27 April in Paris. This meeting is an exceptional opportunity to exchange between members and future members, ask all your questions to the representatives of the FTA secretariat and prepare your actions with the support of the FTA France Coordinator.

Interested participants are invited to register before 21 April. For further information, please contact or