2016-2017 Annual and Network Activity Reports Available Online


At this year’s annual FTA Conference, Unleash Opportunity, FTA released its Annual Report for 2016-2017 and the first-ever Network Activity Report.

This year’s Annual Report is a special anniversary edition. As well as a thorough breakdown of FTA’s key achievements over the past year, it also takes a dip into the past by charting 40-years of successfully advocating on behalf of businesses and associations. Collaborators from past and present help explain how our association evolved into a respected voice within EU trade policy and is now at the forefront of promoting open trade and sustainability.

Key achievements highlighted in the report include the launching of BSCI’s Commitment Formula and Audit Integrity programme, our International Trade Policy team’s success in promoting clear chemical regulation and framework for conflict minerals, and BEPI’s impressive growth in both membership and reach.

The Network Activity Report, the first of its kind for FTA, is a sign of the growing power and influence of our network in both sourcing and member countries. While the activities of our National Contact Groups (NCGs) and Country Representatives were previously covered in Annual Reports, from this year onwards, a specially dedicated report will allow a more in-depth look into each country and FTA’s representation on the ground.

As well as covering the activities of all 13 FTA Representatives and NCGs around the world, this year’s Network Activity Report tells the story of the expansion of our global network by six new representations in Denmark, France, Spain, India, Turkey and the USA respectively.

Updates on FTA activities in each country are given alongside information on domestic policy changes that may affect FTA members. The report serves as a powerful example of how FTA’s network can leverage its influence with international and local stakeholders, and support members in their pursuit of sustainable supply chains. 

Access the Network Activity Report

Access the Annual Report 2016-2017




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