Discussing Sustainable Supply Chain Management with Spanish Businesses


In late June, FTA and Forética organised a joint event in Madrid, Spain, bringing together more than 75 Spanish retailers and brands to address sustainability issues in supply chains and discuss how to generate opportunities for individuals and businesses through responsible trade. This event builds on the relations that FTA has established with Forética following their decision to join forces last year.

During the day, two round tables were organised to share best practices and advice from auditing firm SGS; public corporation, ICEX Spain Trade and Investment; and business representatives from El Corte Inglés, Codorniu and Grupo Calvo. They discussed the barriers, drivers and recommendations towards improving and implementing management systems for sustainable supply chains including. Veronica Rubio, FTA Senior Manager Strategic Programmes tackled the main challenges of integrating sustainability in supply chains and how to manage providers in a responsible way, engaging them in the company’s sustainable business model.

The sessions highlighted the value of collaboration and the importance of forming alliances in order to generate impact in supply chains. Panel discussions led to several recommendations including:

  • working with and listening to internal and external stakeholders to broaden knowledge of supply chain sustainability challenges;
  • collecting data and using effective measuring tools to achieving progress;
  • taking baby steps can work towards accomplishing larger objectives; and
  • walking the talk on their sustainability agenda.

Participants agreed that businesses working together with their stakeholders, have the ability to drive change. They concluded that more work remains to be done and to achieve this, involvement from the government is also necessary, alongside the use of proper tools, communications channels and efforts in promoting awareness of responsible trade.

The event concluded with a tasting of sustainable wines, introducing the BSCI Sustainable Wine Programme, and products from sustainable and responsible producers.  

Contact: Isabel Castillo, FTA Sustainability NCG Coordinator Spain

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