FTA Initiates Partnership on Chemical Management


Due to increasing attention on chemicals from legislators, local communities and non-governmental organisations companies are required to rethink how products are manufactured and sourced. In order to create a leverage approach to tackling chemical management challenges, ZDHC was launched by an active group of brands in order to interact with other players in the field, such as chemical companies, industry associations, laboratories, experts and other service providers.

ZDHC has worked hard on establishing common understanding to tackle such chemical management challenges and has published several research lists and papers. Its major achievement, however, must be the common ZDHC MRSL. This MRSL not only allows chemical suppliers to understand what substances should not be used in their products, but it also allows companies and their manufacturers to work towards a common standard. A common message for a common goal.

FTA strongly believes in scaling industry wide accepted standards from credible partners, where it supports FTA members in achieving sustainable trade. We believe that partnering with ZDHC will do just that with regard to managing chemicals in the supply chain.

The scale brought by FTA members (1.700 members and 30.000 suppliers) are a huge opportunity for industries dealing with chemicals in general or zero discharge more specifically, and a transparent and clear set of tools used by all will signify a huge step forward in achieving the goal of zero discharge.

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