FTA Reflects on Respect for Human Rights Throughout the Value Chain


On 10 December, FTA celebrated International Human Rights Day – in recognition of the adoption in 1948 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As a leading business association engaged in supporting companies build sustainable supply chains, we would like to reemphasise our commitment to ensuring safe jobs in dignified working conditions.

Our members and BSCI participants have an important role to play, including mobilising all actors in the supply chain to use their leverage to promote sustainable business practices and countering human rights abuses. This year has been particularly challenging– especially with regards to Turkey and Thailand and the increasing numbers of refugees and migrants in global supply chains. Forced labour, bonded labour, human trafficking, child labour continues to be major human rights challenges needing long term solutions.

We are continuously looking for new and innovative approaches to assist members to make a tangible difference and partner with strategic stakeholders, including with governments, the UN and other national and international partners for the benefits of growth and prosperity to be shared equitably along the value chain. Furthermore, BSCI participants are increasingly conducting effective supply chain due diligence so they can the implement the three pillars of the "Protect", "Respect" and "Remedy" Framework of the UN Guiding Principles as embedded in the BSCI Code of Conduct”.

We have come a long way since the adoption of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but there is more to be done. Respect for human rights is a responsibility of us all and requires our active and sustained contribution.

By Christian Ewert, FTA Director General

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