FTA Wishes the EU a Happy 60th Birthday!


FTA wishes the EU a happy 60th birthday! The Treaty of Rome, signed on 25 March 1957, not only set the grounds for the single market and free movement of goods we immensely enjoy today, but this legal framework also brought integration and cohesion, values that are nowadays more important than ever. In this sense, the European integration process both is a true and unique success story and the foundation for a successful future.

The retail and trade sector has profited enormously from the shaping of a seamless internal market and a strong common commercial policy. Because of this we are deeply concerned about the mounting criticism of the European project and rise of extremist political movements. We need to make it clear, to the governments and people, to which extent open borders and the free circulation of goods and services help citizens and consumers benefit by providing employment opportunities, new markets and increased choice, which leads to economic growth and a better quality of life.

The fathers of the Treaty of Rome developed a common and strong vision for Europe and its people. Let us continue this journey together to build the Union of tomorrow.

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