BSCI Seminar “Tackling Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining in the Moroccan Agricultural Sector”

On 12 December, BSCI will hold its third edition of the seminar ‘Tackling Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) in the Moroccan Agricultural Sector’ in Casablanca, Morocco. 
Social dialogue is an important principle to improve relations between employers and workers, through their organised representation. This matter has been in the attention of FTA, through its initiative BSCI, and international stakeholders such as the International Labor Organizatoin (ILO) since 2013. The government of Morocco has urged all stakeholders to adopt and institutionalise social dialogue as a strategic option for the country, with the aim of improving business relations in the country. BSCI intends to contribute to these endeavours by convening representatives of trade unions and businesses to discuss social dialogue mechanisms, take stock of progress achieved since 2015 and define next steps. This event meets the interests of BSCI participants to promote improvements in labour relations in their supply chains originating in Morocco. 
By joining this seminar, participants will:
  • Create a clear understanding on how to make social dialogue and CBA more accessible to workers
  • Raise awareness of arising social issues in the country to be addressed via social dialogue at the workplace
  • Align local social dialogue systems with BSCI requirements
  • Share best practices on integrating social dialogue at the workplace 
Registrations are now closed. If you would like to express your interest to attend this seminar, please contact