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News 29-05-2020
Insights of amfori Members and Producers’ survey of impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains.
News 18-05-2020
Our latest updates on the COVID-19 pandemic and governments’ and organisations’ responses to it.
News 26-05-2020
The COVID-19 outbreak has raised new challenges for the food sector.
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The Network Connect US & Canada will take place on 17th April 2020 in Northern Illinois.
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Foreign Trade Association
In 2018, the global canned food industry was valued at USD 91.4 billion and is expected to reach USD 124.8 billion by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.9% during this time span.
Foreign Trade Association
In this document, amfori will focus on the main environmental hotspots in the fish farming stage and then in the processing stage of the aquaculture supply chain.
Foreign Trade Association
At amfori, we firmly believe that every worker should earn a living wage, and this is something that we have always encouraged our members to work towards.