amfori Board of Directors

amfori is run by a Board of Directors representing members´ interests from different countries and businesses.

During the amfori General assembly on 9 June 2022, the new amfori Board of Directors (BoD) was elected.

Three Board members continue their seat on the BoD:

  • Caroline Bouisset - Chair of the amfori Board of Directors
  • Reg Nelemans
  • Heather Canon

Two Board members were re-elected to pursue their mandate:

  • Leon Mol - Vice-Chair of the amfori Board of Directors
  • Sara Norell Murberger

We are pleased to welcome four new members to the BoD:

  • Nina Elomaa
  • Christiane Hügelmann
  • Patricia Rajkovic Widgren
  • Satte Tsao

Next to having a seat on the Board, each Board member is part of a committee and a local Network support group.

Finance Committee

  • Leon Mol (Chair)
  • Linda Kromjong (amfori President)
  • Nina Elomaa
  • Christiane Hügelmann

HR Committee

  • Sara Norell Murberger (Chair)
  • Patricia Rajkovic Widgren

Services Committee

  • Heather Canon (Chair)
  • Reg Nelemans
  • Satte Tsao

Board members appointments to key countries/networks

  • Caroline Bouisset (Spain/Italy)
  • Leon Mol (US/Canada)
  • Heater Canon (France)
  • Nina Elomaa (Finland/UK)
  • Christiane Hügelmann (Germany/Switzerland)
  • Reg Nelemans (Belgium/Netherlands)
  • Sara Norell Murberger (Denmark/Norway/Sweden)
  • Satte Tsao (Hong Kong/China/Australia)
  • Patricia Rajkovic Widgren (Austria/Poland)

For more information about the composition, appointment and role of the amfori Board of Directors, check the amfori By-Laws.

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