Multi-Stakeholder Forum: Sharing Project Best Practices of Social Performance in Thai Supply Chains

The Multi-Stakeholder Forum ‘Sharing Project Best Practices of Social Performance in Thai Supply Chains’ marks the end of the journey set forth by amfori and the Ministry of Commerce of the Royal Government of Thailand which has aimed at supporting Thai companies to incorporate social compliance systems in their operations and supply chains, in line with the expectations of exporting markets.

Fashion Summit (Hong Kong) 2018 ‐ Circular Economy

Fashion Summit (Hong Kong) brings together leading academics, key players from the fashion industry, NGOs, media, decision makers and leaders to achieve sustainable fashion in Asia. Over the 2-Day Conference, participants from around the world will exchange insights on the latest sustainable fashion trends, technology, best practice, solutions, and opportunities.

The Future Business Challenges for the RMG, Leather Sector and the Rohingya issue

On 16 April, the amfori Round Table ‘The Future Business Challenges For the RMG, Leather Sector and the Rohingya Issue’ will take place in Bangladesh, Dhaka.

High level stakeholders from the Bangladesh Government, business sector, associations, NGOs, trade unions, media and amfori members etc. will engage in an open dialogue about: 

10th EcoProcura conference

On 3- 5 October, the 10th EcoProcura conference will take place in Nijmegen, the 2018 European Green Capital, in the Netherlands. amfori 

EcoProcura will unite 400+ procurers, policy makers, businesses, researchers and international organisations to find out about European policy developments and international initiatives and share experiences on procurement tools, good practice, processes, research, projects and initiatives. Lorenz Berzau, amfori Network Representative Germany, will represent amfori at the conference.