amfori Advisory Councils



amfori Member Advisory Council (amfori MAC)

The amfori MAC provides the amfori Board with expert strategic guidance from a business perspective – in particular, on our long-term strategy on the type of members and type of services we provide.

Current members:

Latest Developments:

- Meeting minutes 26/04/2018 (login required)

- Meeting minutes 27/09/2018 (login required)

- Meeting minutes 19/11/2018 (login required)


amfori Stakeholder Advisory Council (amfori SAC):

The amfori SAC provides advice the amfori Board with expert guidance from an external perspective, bringing a broader view on current developments on open and sustainable trade developments.

Current members:


Latest developments

Meeting minutes 27 September (login required)

- Meeting minutes 8 October (login required)