amfori Advocacy

Shaping an environment where companies can trade openly and sustainably


The ability of companies to develop their commercial activities, and through them enhance economic growth, is strongly influenced by the political, legal and social framework under which they operate. With this in mind, our advocacy work on trade policy started in 1977 and now, building on 40 years of experience, we have expanded our offer as to make amfori Advocacy the global voice for open and sustainable trade. Making sure we are ready for the world of today and tomorrow, where sustainability plays an integral part of international business.

Based on the views of our members and their real business needs and challenges, we advocate at a local and global level to shape an environment where companies can trade openly and sustainably. This means getting actively involved with key stakeholders such as governments, international bodies, NGOs and diverse public and private organisations all over the world that are important for us to achieve our vision of a world of open and sustainable trade. 

What our members receive:

We keep abreast of how political, legal and social developments could potentially have an impact on our members’ business. Whether it is international supply chain governance or specific issues related to migrant workers, women empowerment and chemical and timber legislation, or trade policies, customs legislation and antidumping procedures. 

We issue regular updates to keep members up-to-date on the latest trade and sustainability policy issues and provide exclusive information on topics that may affect their business. Members can use this information to communicate and discuss directly with their business partners, competent authorities and stakeholders. We also offer a diversity of learning opportunities via webinars and seminars.

Through our strong stakeholder relations with relevant decision-makers and trade negotiators, we continuously advocate and promote open and sustainable trade at a national regional and global level, with a strong emphasis on the European Union. We believe in the power of collaboration and engage with a range of organisations on key topics on trade openness and sustainability such as women empowerment and forced labour. Together we exchange best practices, we discuss and debate on ongoing issues and emerging challenges, so that together we have greater impact.

Our team of experts provides members with professional advice and practical support on technical and legal trade issues. Our headquarters in Brussels and our local Networks ensure we can support companies wherever they are and are able to offer tailor-made advice on national matters.



By taking part in amfori Advocacy members can:

  • Collaborate and engage with amfori stakeholders in governments, industry bodies and NGOs
  • Ensure their trade and sustainability interests are heard at a policy level
  • Receive tailor-made advice from our experts
  • Rely on our stakeholder engagement activities to remain responsive to current and emerging risks that may affect their supply chain
  • Receive exclusive policy updates on supply chain issues


Our members have the power to change the world. We help them do that