amfori Advocacy

Shaping an environment where companies can trade openly and sustainably


We have been the global voice for open and sustainable trade for over 40 years. Through amfori Advocacy, we help our members to shape a political, legal and social landscape where they can drive equitable trade and advance human prosperity.

The benefits of amfori Advocacy


Our advocacy team works with a range of stakeholders - governments, NGOs and international organisations - to ensure trade is responsible, sustainable and benefits everyone involved. Furthermore, we help our members to satisfy consumer expectations for ethical behaviour while still trading on a level playing field.

With our headquarters in Brussels, we provide our members with avenues to influence policies from the EU and other global actors. Through our network of local representatives, we provide our members with country-specific information, insights on policy developments and key, on-the-ground expertise. Our local network also allows us access to national governments and stakeholders.
amfori members get regular updates on political, legal, trade and social developments from our team of experts as well as the wide array of stakeholders we engage. This enables members to stay up to date on the changing landscape and make informed business decisions. 

We believe in inclusive advocacy. Members are invited to help shape our positions by joining our Project Groups and consultations.


By taking part in amfori Advocacy, members get: 

A team of experts Influence on key policy issues
A partner that stays on top of global political, legal and social developments  Valuable connections with key governmental and non-governmental stakeholders 
Tools and resources Tailor-made advice 
Tools to help you champion equity and diversity in business, including gender equality Tailor-made advice from our team of environmental, trade and social experts on issues such as: migrant workers, women’s empowerment, chemical and timber legislation, trade agreements, customs legislation and anti-dumping regulations


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