amfori and CESA Join Forces to Drive Social and Environmental Performance in the ICT Industry

Bringing greater coherence and harmony to existing sustainability efforts is one of amfori’s long-term goals. We are strong believers in creating common standards and initiatives that bridge gaps between global, national and industry standards. With this in mind, in August 2016, we signed a Memorandum of Understand (MoU) with the China Electronics Standardization Association (CESA).

Together, our aim is to build mutual understanding and trust between amfori BSCI as a global standard across industries and SJ/T16000 as an ICT standard in China. We will work together in engaging our members and aligning the requirements they should meet. Doing so will help bring China and Europe closer together in ways that will drive sustainable trade globally.

The plans laid out in the MoU define both organisations commitment to:

  • Raise awareness about CSR and environmental performance to help meet the principles of national regulations, industry standards and global market requirements;
  • Support training at producer level based on CESA’s Guidance on Social Responsibility in the ICT Industry and BSCI’s Code of Conduct; and
  • Jointly develop occupational health and safety legal compliance, best practice and effective mechanisms to support improved sustainability performance.

So far over the course of 2016/17, this agreement has already resulted in successful training activities, factory visits and awareness raising engagement with Chinese government officials, and will continue with renewed focus into 2017/18.

As well as continued training activities, 2017/18 will see both organisations:

  • Seek alignment for effective compliance: a joint study about potentially aligning occupational health and safety and Environmental requirements of amfori BSCI/amfori BEPI and SJ/T16000 so producers can streamline resources to comply with national, industry and global standards;
  • Share best practices: invite producers to participate in amfori and CESA training sessions on OHS and environmental performance; and
  • Factory visits and dialogues: amfori and CESA will invite key members to join each other’s activities to discuss the challenges and solutions.


Latest News and Resources

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About CESA:

CESA is the national federation of the ICT industry in China, which is under the guidance of Ministry of Industry & Information Technology, aiming to provide services for the modernisation of China’s ICT industry and advocate the concept of corporate social responsibility and sustainable supply chains in the industry.