amfori BEPI

Improving environmental performance in global supply chains


In today’s fast-moving global markets, businesses are being asked to address environmental challenges in their direct operations and across their supply chain. At the same time, society is demanding greater transparency and accountability. amfori BEPI was founded in 2013 and provides a comprehensive range of services that enable companies to drive focused environmental improvements in their supply chain and to trade with purpose.

We cover a comprehensive scope of 11 environmental performance areas ranging from energy use and greenhouse gases to chemical management, and our clear five-step approach enables companies to drive continuous improvement through supply chain mapping and analysis, improvement work and progress monitoring.

What our members receive: 

We offer a range of assessment tools that enable our members to better track and monitor their environmental performance and drive improvements at a factory level.

The amfori BEPI platform provides a single point for environmental performance data, while our sustainability intelligence dashboard helps users clearly visualise complex supply chains. These tools help our members identify environmental hotspots, compare data across the global supply chain and transform information into concrete insights and actions. They can then track and measure progress to support targeted improvements.

Training, coaching and practical advice on environmental issues empower members and suppliers to take action across their supply chain. Our amfori Academy gives members and business partners access to a wide range of learning opportunities in different formats either online or in different regions. We also offer several guidance documents and learning materials tailored to different levels of maturity. 

Our advocacy work is creating an environment where open and sustainable trade can flourish. We believe in the power of collaboration and engage with key organisations and stakeholders to discuss and tackle environmental issues, such as air emissions and waste water. We seek to establish long lasting partnerships that will help us and our members have a bigger impact on sustainable trade. 

We are actively promoting a world where our members can trade with purpose. 

We offer bespoke advice to everyone from SMEs to multinationals, alongside industry and geography-specific programmes. Our headquarters in Brussels together with our local Networks means we can support for businesses wherever they are based.

Our Networks offer a platform for our members to exchange experiences and best practices. They can come together at a national level to discuss issues pertinent to environmental performance through a local lens and offer advice.

We support every member, however small, to have a global impact through our collective contribution to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals including the drive for sustainable consumption and production, climate action, and clean water and sanitation.



By taking part in amfori BEPI members can:

  • Efficiently drive environmental improvements in your supply chain
  • Collaborate with industry peers to save time and resources, and reduce duplication of efforts
  • Increase the resilience of their business to industry and market changes
  • Improve their businesses' reputation by meeting the expectations of your customers and stakeholder


What is coming?

To meet growing member expectations and stay at the forefront of environmental innovation, we are now in the process of developing a new and improved version of amfori BEPI. With comprehensive scope of environmental performance areas, personalized modular approach, sectoral benchmarking and rich portfolio of improvement activities, the new tool- amfori BEPI 2.0- will be even better fitted to members’ individual sustainability needs.

amfori BEPI 2.0 is now being piloted and will be fully operational and available at the end of 2022.

Get a sneak peak of what is coming here


Our members have the power to change the world. We help them do that