amfori BEPI platform

Map your supply chain and drive environmental improvements with the amfori BEPI platform


With companies often having to source from many countries to get their final products into their store; monitoring supply chains and driving environmental improvements can be a challenge.The amfori BEPI platform understands this and helps business rise-up to it.


Benefits and Features

  • Providing a space for all environmental related supply chain information, allowing companies to easily add their producers and map their supply chain across the world
  • Supporting communication with facilities; allowing members to request monitoring activities in their supply chain. The results are then available onto the platform where both companies and producers can track their performance. Members with a common producer can share the results, therefore avoiding duplication of efforts and saving money
  • Enabling producers to take an active role by keeping their information updated, inviting peers to training opportunities, receiving an overview of their performance where all actors can suggest improvements.
  • Hosting a library of resources and tutorials with different levels of knowledge


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