amfori BSCI

Improving social performance in global supply chains


In a global marketplace, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. It’s now more necessary than ever for companies to improve visibility over their production – and to drive improvements across their supply chains wherever possible. Since 2003, amfori BSCI has enabled companies to trade with purpose by improving social performance in their supply chain. 

Our strong code of conduct has 11 principles that support our members. These range from fair remuneration to no child labour, along with a step-by-step approach that enables companies to monitor, engage, get empowered and receive support to put sustainable trade at the heart of their business. 

What our members receive:


The amfori BSCI platform provides a single point for all supply chain performance information. By sharing monitoring activities’ results, our members reduce effort, save money and increase consistency for buyers and suppliers. We offer a range of practical auditing tools to help our members manage their risk and effectively monitor their supply chain. 

Our Auditing Integrity Programme aims to maintain transparency and reliability in our monitoring process. Assisting members with the challenges of the future, the programme provides a comprehensive, robust and independent acceptance process for audit companies to engage with amfori BSCI activities and ensure excellence in audit quality at the audit company and auditor level.

Our sustainability intelligence dashboard allows members to clearly visualise complex supply chains.

Together, these tools help members identify social hotspots, compare data across the global supply chain and transform insights into actions that support, track and measure targeted improvements. 


The amfori Academy offers a wide range of training, workshops and e-learning opportunities for members and their business partners to drive improvements across the world. We also offer a wide range of resources and specific publications which give industry insights and valuable information for their business.


Through our advocacy and policy work we seek to shape an environment where sustainable trade can flourish. By engaging with policy makers, key organisations, governments and institutions, and establishing mutually beneficial partnerships, we can have a bigger impact on issues pertinent to social compliance. See our partners here.


We offer bespoke advice to everyone from SMEs to multinationals, alongside industry and geography-specific insights. Our headquarters in Brussels, together with our local Networks, mean we can support businesses wherever they are based. Our Networks offer a platform for our members to exchange experiences and best practices. They can come together at a national level to discuss issues pertinent to social performance through a local lens and offer advice.

We operate at scale, while still providing local, tailored support through our headquarters and regional networks. We also make resources available in members’ own language.

We can enable every business, however small, to have a global impact through our collective contribution to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To do this, amfori BSCI helps companies contribute towards the SDGs such as decent work and gender equality.




By taking part in amfori BSCI members can:

  • Improve the social performance of their supply chain
  • Reduce cost and increase efficiency
  • Have a clear and consistent approach that highlights best practices
  • Improve the resilience of their business to industry and market changes
  • Improve their businesses' reputation by meeting the expectations of your customers and stakeholders

Our members have the power to change the world. We help them do that