amfori Members Show Solidarity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated health measures introduced by governments worldwide have affected businesses and some are struggling to survive. However, there has been some positive news. Some companies are offering additional support to staff, customers and their local community at this difficult time.

We are pleased to share stories of our members taking positive actions during this difficult time. If you have a story of the good work your company is doing, please email


A.N.NE GmbH - Providing Disinfectant and Face Masks

Due to the current situation, A.N.NE GmbH’s suppliers have switched their production from cosmetic gift sets towards disinfectants and face masks. They are importing these products and delivery to hospitals is being prioritised.

Ahold Delhaize – Donating to the Community

Ahold Delhaize, an international grocery retail group, has announced a USD 10 million relief package through its US brands. The money will go to food banks, hunger relief organisations, and other local community groups.

In Europe, Ahold Delhaize (together with its local brands), has deployed more than EUR 170 million on COVID-19 relief and support efforts.

Aldi – Valuing Their Staff

Supermarket staff are under enormous pressure and are working hard to ensure that stores are safe and shelves remain stocked. Aldi is rewarding its store and distribution staff at Aldi UK with a 10% pay raise for their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aldi has also set aside dedicated shopping times for emergency workers, including key workers in the National Health Service, the police and fire service.

The ALDI SOUTH Group Takes Action to Support Global Garment Industry 

In May, amfori joined a call to protect workers in the garment industry. The call asks the global garment industry to support manufacturers through the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Call to Action in the garment industry’ was led by the International Labour Organization, the International Organization of Employers and the International Trade Union Congress, 

One of our members has joined the Call to Action. The ALDI SOUTH Group is committed to paying suppliers for finished goods and goods in production as well as to seeking dialogue with business partners and to promoting the ILO Labour Standards. Furthermore, the ALDI SOUTH Group supports the work on sustainable systems of social protection for a more just and resilient garment industry. 

A.S. Watson Group – Donating Equipment and Supporting Nurses to Volunteer

A.S. Watson Group and Watsons Hong Kong have donated 150,000 surgical masks to vulnerable elderly people in 10 districts in HK through their social networks with Hong Kong YWCA, YMMSS, St. James’ Settlement and Hong Kong Christian Service. Read more.

Superdrug nurses have been volunteering in the UK’s National Health Service during the COVID-19 crisis. Superdrug deployed 102 professional nurses to directly support the NHS in the fight against coronavirus; their salaries will continue to be fully paid by Superdrug. Read more.

Watsons China donated hygienic supplies worth over RMB 2 million to medical institutes and frontline healthcare workers in Hubei province, China, to help fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.


Axfood and non-profit organisation Axfoundation are working with other organisations, including the IOM and Migrants Workers Group, to build a smartphone app and website which will support migrant workers in Thailand who have been made vulnerable by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Workers will have access to a variety of training on employment rights, workplace dialogue, fair recruitment practices, health & safety and a specific COVID-19 module – all available in four languages. The content will be aimed at migrant workers in supply chains of food, electronics, garments and fish and seafood. 

The platform will be open source and free for the users. Axfood are inviting amfori members to become an important part of building this app by contributing a minimum of USD 2,000 before October 2020.

Read more.

Bergner Europe – Donating Products to Social Services

Bergner Europe has donated thousands of much-needed masks to Zaragoza City Council for distribution to social services, police and those with urgent needs. They will continue to donate masks over the following weeks.
Bergner has made available to Zaragoza City Council products from their Product Catalogue: rest kits, bedspreads, quilts, sheets and kitchenware products for social services.

El Corte Inglés - Supporting the Community

The Spanish supermarket chain has taken action to help communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have provided resources to public institutions: a hotel in Madrid to be used as a temporary hospital, textile production facilities for making sanitary masks, offices in Asia for the Spanish government to manage requests for sanitary material, over 500,000 masks and sheets to hospitals and convalescence centres.

On top of this they are supporting victims of domestic violence, who have been particularly affected by the stay at home orders, by donating gift cards with a total value of EUR 40,000 which can be exchanged for food and necessary products. They have also donated cards to families in need and given food to food banks.

They have opened priority check-out lines for people over 65 and are offering free deliveries to healthcare workers. El Corte Inglés has made it easier for shoppers to donate to good causes by placing charity collection cards at checkout lines.

Fruit of the Loom – Switching to Making Protective Masks

Fashion brand Fruit of the Loom will convert production to make protective masks, a much-needed item that has been in short supply in many places.

Lidl Great Britain – Supporting Staff and Community

Lidl has undertaken a range of measures to support their staff and community, including donating fresh fruit and vegetables to hospitals across Great Britain and adding food donation boxes to stores. 

You can find further info on Lidl’s website.

Ontex – Donating Equipment

Ontex is a leading international personal hygiene group with 18 plants on five continents. Ontex has donated tens of thousands of personal hygiene products to people in need, including caregivers, elderly people in poverty and people having financial difficulties to purchase diapers or female care products.


We’re pleased that amfori members have been taking actions to protect their staff, support their local community and aid in efforts to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

We are encouraging all members to ensure that they continue to act sustainably and responsibly, even during these trying times. Read our Responsible Purchasing Practices guidelines.