amfori Network - Germany & Austria


Home to the largest amount of amfori members, our local network in Germany is a great platform for members to exchange views and best practices. We offer face-to-face training opportunities including workshops on our services tailored to different levels of knowledge. In addition, as from 2019 we have added a local Network in Austria to better support our members in this area.

Both representations provide members practical assistance, establish constructive dialogue with stakeholders and brings expert guidance through a local lens.

Network Representative and Network Chair


Daniel Hopp

Network Representative Germany/Austria 



Claudia Roszak

Membership officer for Germany & Austria



Kerstin Juerges, EDEKA ZENTRALE Stiftung & Co KG

Chair German Network Committee



Martin Speer, Brüder Mannesmann Werkzeuge GmbH

Co-Chair German Network Committee




Nicole Hartmann (Florett Textil):

Alissa Sekulic (Leineweber):

Sabine Paulsen (Fashion Center):

Solveig Steinbrenner (Tristyle Group):

Lidia Spreng (About you):

The contact details of the members of the Network Committee have been published at the request of and with the explicit consent of the members of the Networks Committee. The published addresses are the ones amfori received of the members of the members of the Network Committee. For the avoidance of doubt: Contacting the members is outside of the remit and activities of amfori. amfori is not involved in such contact. The members of the Network Committee do not legally represent amfori when receiving such emails. The use of these email addresses is at the risk of the people trying to contact a member of the Network Committee, and as the case may be, the addressed member of the Network Committee (who is at that point the data controller of that correspondence, not amfori). amfori also explicitly warns to steer clear for any correspondence that may infringe upon competition legislation.
Human Rights Due Diligence Trends Globally Green Button Label for Textiles Launched in Germany Amendments to German Language Version of Union Customs Code (Delegated Act)
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Current Issues

  • The German National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights
  • Public procurement
  • The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles
  • “Green Button”, a meta label for sustainable textiles