amfori Network - Germany & Austria


Home to the largest amount of amfori members, our local network in Germany is a great platform for members to exchange views and best practices. We offer face-to-face training opportunities including workshops on our services tailored to different levels of knowledge. In addition, as from 2019 we have added a local Network in Austria to better support our members in this area.

Both representations provide members practical assistance, establish constructive dialogue with stakeholders and brings expert guidance through a local lens.

Network Representative and Network Chair


Lorenz Berzau is the Network Representative for Austria and Germany

“Our teams are dedicated to supporting members in their daily work; offering advice for everyday challenges and helping you make the most of amfori’s sustainability tools and services. Our large number of members in both areas put you in good company, providing the perfect platform to network and to share what you know.”



Sibylle Voss will serve as a Membership Officer to support Network Representative, Lorenz Berzau, on all our services to our 900+ members located in the region. Sibylle will support members in Germany and Austria directly on various operational issues.




Janina Deller is the Network Chair. Alissa Sekulic and Nicole Hartmann are the Vice-Chairs.


Human Rights Due Diligence Trends Globally Green Button Label for Textiles Launched in Germany Amendments to German Language Version of Union Customs Code (Delegated Act)
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Current Issues

  • The German National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights
  • Public procurement
  • The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles
  • “Green Button”, a meta label for sustainable textiles