amfori Network - France

Local Network. Global Impact


With a strong and growing presence of members in France, our representation has been increasingly active over the last couple of years to empower and support companies. The scope of the Network in France has also expanded to tackle both social and environmental supply chain challenges. Regular meetings encourage participants to share information and good practices on improving the sustainability of their supply chains.

In addition, the representation provides its members with practical assistance, establishes constructive dialogue with relevant stakeholders and brings expert guidance through a local lens.

Sylvie Thonnerieux and Anne Le Rolland are the Network Representatives.



Latest news:

FTA To Hold Forum on Trade and Customs in France (16/08/17)

Due Diligence Legislation Across Europe: Watch the Webinar (7/6/2017)

NCG ‘Tour de France’ Brings FTA Closer to Local Members (23/05/17)

Making Global SDGs Local (10/5/2017)

New French Legal Framework for Responsible Supply Chains (15/3/2017)