amfori Network - the Netherlands

Founded as a BSCI National Contact Group almost 10 years ago, the scope of the Network has expanded to tackle both social and environmental supply chain challenges. Regular meetings aim to encourage participants to share information and good practices on improving their performance. In addition, the representation provides Dutch members with practical assistance, establishes constructive dialogue with stakeholders and provides expert guidance with a local focus.

Norma Wouters-Snell is currently the Network Representative. 

The amfori Network helps companies to become aware, be inspired and most importantly to learn how to tackle sustainable supply chain challenges together with other companies, stakeholders and of course the amfori team.





Monique Ansink is the Network Chair







Freek Jansen is the Network Vice Chair


Latest news:


One Year Later: The Dutch Garment and Textiles Agreement (18/07/2017)

Dutch Parliament Adopts Child Labour Due Diligence Law (23/3/2017)