amfori Network - Switzerland

Local Network. Global Impact


Founded as a BSCI National Contact Group over 10 years ago, the scope of Swiss representation has expanded to assist members in tackling both their social and environmental supply chain challenges. Regular meetings encourage members to share information and good practices on improving their performance.

The representation and its network commitee provide members with practical assistance, establish constructive dialogue with stakeholders and bring expert guidance with a local focus.

In addition, the Network:

  • Share members’ best practices & delivering training/workshops in-house with members
  • Represents amfori in activities organised by public authorities, industrial organisations, consumer protection organisations and NGOs
  • Provides regular newsletters in local language to members and stakeholders 
  • Offers yearly public events in cooperation with relevant organisations


Pierre Strub is the Network Representative "It is of enormous value that competitors are sharing their experiences and working together for more sustainable supply chains. I am proud to be part of this community and to represent amfori in Switzerland."


Anna Vetsch is a Sustainability Manager at Coop Switzerland and Co-founder of fin-projects, a company working on sustainable and traceable leather supply chains. She has a master’s in Political Sciences and International Law

"Participation and cooperation are key for a strong development of the association and its core initiatives amfori BSCI and amfori BEPI. I'm happy to be part of a good and critical dialogue."

Maja Buerkli manages suppliers’ implementation of amfori BSCI and educates staff. She is responsible for the help desk and oversees that bb trading maintains their commitment to amfori.

‘’As an SME, I know we have limited resources. This makes it important to be able to use these resources in a targeted manner and help others implement them. It is dear to my heart that even more members are actively involved in our amfori Network group.’’

For more information visit the local website (in German and French)