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As an attractive sourcing market, Turkey is home to the fourth-largest number of producers supplying amfori members all over the world.


Network Representative

In 2016, Muge Tuna was appointed as Network representative to build on the association’s increasing presence in the country. Based in Istanbul, Muge has spearheaded amfori’s response to the challenges facing our members’ producers. 



Producers in Turkey benefit from amfori-hosted workshops, which have proved instrumental in raising audit scores and improving social performance.


Current issues:

The influx of Syrians fleeing conflict in their home country has introduced a huge population of working age people vulnerable to exploitation. In July 2016 we released a guidance package on Syrian workers in Turkey. The package included insights into the status of Syrians in the country and clear guidelines on how best to mitigate exploitation in supply chains. A month after its release, the package was commended by UN Special Rapporteur Maria Grazia Giammarinaro

Latest news

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