amfori Network - USA & Canada

Local Network. Global Impact

Kelli Hoggle was appointed USA and Canada Representative in December 2016. Besides guiding US companies on how to make the most out of their amfori membership, Kelli also assists businesses that source from the region by engaging with producers on the ground to support their sustainability efforts.

“I am optimistic about the expansion of amfori and our presence in the North American region. If the past year tells us anything about our future, we have lot to look forward to in terms of collaboration with companies working towards the same goal of a socially and environmentally responsible supply chain. The more we can do together, the more impact we will have, and amfori BSCI and BEPI provides an avenue for that change.”


Current issues:

  • Sanctions
  • US Tariffs
  • Customs & Border Protection
  • Development of Canadian Modery Slavery Bill


Latest news and developments