amfori QMI

Improving quality management capability in global supply chains


Quality management capability has been the pre-requisite to start sustainable sourcing and build a responsible supply chain for many global buyers, brands, and retailers. Most Non-Food sourcing (retail) organisations have developed their own auditing programme, creating their own audit checklist(s) integrated in their supplier’s qualification programme. As a result, there is a duplication of efforts, waste of resources, inconsistent scoring and assessments, which all creates unnecessary confusion.

In response to our members’ needs for an integrated strategic approach addressing the above issues when managing a sustainable supply chain, amfori has successfully implemented a Pilot Programme in China between August 2020 and Q2 2021 with the great support from our Members and key partner German Chamber of Commerce in HK. As a result, amfori QMI was founded in Q1 2022 and provides a set of standardized quick scan tools that enable companies to drive quality management capability improvements in their supply chain and to trade with purpose.

amfori QMI covers a scope of 4 quality management capability aspects including Infrastructure, System and Environment; Product Design; Incoming Materials Quality Control; and Production Control.

What our members receive: 

 We help our members monitor with world-class tools

  • We offer a set of quick scan auditing tools that enable our members to identify the best practices as well as insufficient areas for improvements of producers in quality management of their production sites.
  • The amfori QMI platform provides a single point for the amfori QMI audit results, while our sustainability intelligence dashboard helps users clearly visualise complex supply chains. These tools help our members identify areas for improvement, compare data across the global supply chain and transform information into concrete insights and actions. They can then track and measure progress to support targeted improvements. It is a good supplementary tool to enable Members’ holistic and integrated approach in pursuing responsible sourcing and sustainable supply chains.

 We empower continuous improvement through learning opportunities

Our amfori Academy gives members and business partners access to a wide range of learning opportunities in different formats either online or in different regions. We also offer guidance and webinar series for Members, producers and auditors to learn how to implement amfori QMI effectively.

 We engage locally and globally to ensure our members' voice is heard

amfori QMI addresses the fundamental business needs and it helps advocate that responsible sourcing starts with professional quality management capability in production sites before multiple supply chain actors are engaged in driving sustainable supply chains. In 2022 the QMI service is newly piloted in China and should our Members find relevant, amfori QMI may potentially be extended to other countries subject to market needs.

 We provide support for businesses wherever they operate

We offer guidance to everyone from SMEs to multinationals, alongside industry and geography-specific programmes. Our headquarters in Brussels together with our local Networks means we can support for businesses wherever they are based.


By taking part in amfori QMI:

amfori members can

  • Reduce the overall resources towards producers/suppliers’ qualification/assessment
  • Avoid duplication of factory audits for the same purposes & requirements
  • An integrated approach of managing sustainable buyer-supplier relationship in a holistic manner – social, environmental, and technical quality integrated in one-stop platform
  • Use this common standard to benchmark and screen in new sustainable producers
  • Strategic and multi-dimensional monitoring of multiple producers’ quality management capability to further engage producers in a long-term sustainability performance improvement via amfori

Producers Supplying Goods to amfori Members can:

  • Avoid audit fatigue and reduce audit costs
  • Effective management of multiple audits with one common auditing tool via amfori links to visible return-on-investment (ROI)
  • Build and maintain customer retention, trust, and satisfaction

How to join amfori QMI?

amfori Members can register to join the amfori QMI Introduction webinar series and three sessions have been completed on March 10, April 7 and July 5, 2022 well attended by members from multiple countries. If members would like to listen the webinar recording, please contact to request the link of the recording.


As of Q1 2022, our amfori QMI partners are:

  • Industry Standard Partner: Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA)’s support in in Audit Technical Advice, Auditor Training & Audit Quality Assurance Programme;
  • amfori QMI Auditing Partners in China: QIMA and TÜV SÜD (feel free to contact the respective QMI Scheme Managers)

Enquiry: with subject indicated "amfori QMI".

Interested Members may view the following documents offline for reference:

  1. amfori QMI flyer English version, Chinese version
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. amfori QMI Terms of Implementation (TOI) for participants
  4. amfori QMI Terms of Implmentation (TOI) for producers (Available upon receiving Member's invitation)