Audit Integrity Programme

Monitoring is one of the most effective methods of identifying supply chain issues and risks. High quality audits are key for responsible due diligence and continuous improvement. 

amfori is leading the field in audit quality and assurance with advanced monitoring of all our social audits and the companies and individuals who conduct them. The Audit Integrity Programme boosts the transparency, accuracy and reliability of our audits through its three core pillars:

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KPMG is amfori’s audit quality partner. In this role, they monitor auditing companies, analyse data trends, and provide recommendations on all components of the programme. As well as the use of cutting-edge technology, this helps ensure the objectivity of evaluation and reporting.

Benefits of the Audit Integrity Programme:

  • Auditing companies are selected from the amfori BSCI auditing pool based on the highest quality and integrity requirements
  • Objective monitoring of auditing companies increases transparency
  • Auditors’ knowledge and skills are continuously refreshed through regular training
  • Audits are conducted by highly qualified experts in their field
  • Comprehensive data analysis identifies trends and recurrent issue

Key Numbers:


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