The BEPI is an initiative open to retailers, importers and brands engaged to improve environmental performance in their global supply chain. The initiative is working to support buying companies to implement the BEPI system at the heart of their business practices and develop their supply chain while improving its environmental performance. In parallel, BEPI also brings direct benefits to producers.

Benefits for Retailers, Importers and Brands

Through BEPI, participating companies benefit from:

  • Enhanced environmental and financial performance: Through enhancing environmental performance at the production site, participants and their producers benefit directly from improved environmental management and reduced costs
  • Reduced risks and improved credibility: BEPI reduces environmental risks at factory level and builds credibility by providing environmental information to share with stakeholders
  • Improved relations in the supply chain: By taking part in BEPI, participants can work together with their producers to develop strong business relations throughout their supply chain


Benefits for Producers

  • Enhanced environmental and financial performance: Improved environmental performance at production level generates better management of the factory and reduced costs
  • Reduced environmental risks: By respecting environmental legislation, producers reduce the risk of fines as well as environmental risks in general
  • Improved reputation: BEPI provides environmental information that can be shared by producers to position themselves as a credible and transparent business partner towards stakeholders
  • Better relations in the supply chain: BEPI increases business opportunities for producers exporting to markets where environmental considerations are important for consumers
  • Better relations with employees: By improving the workplace environment, BEPI increases the satisfaction of staff and enhances the commitment and loyalty of employees