BEPI Services

We offer BEPI participants a wide range of services to support the implementation of their BEPI programme:


  • One methodology: BEPI provides a single methodology that applies to all products and processes

  • System resources: Tools and guidelines are provided in the language of sourcing countries

  • The BEPI platform: This database supports participants to better manage and monitor producers through collecting and sharing environmental information gathered through the producer self-assessment, along with reports generated from the improvement phase and assessment

  • Local experts: Access to a network of BEPI-recognised service providers


Training for participants

  • Training: BEPI provides regular training for participants to introduce its scope and core advantages

  • Coaching: Tailor-made coaching on BEPI implementation

Training for producers

  • Workshops: E-learnings deliver practical advice and guidance on BEPI implementation at producer level

  • Coaching: BEPI recognised environmental consultants work alongside factories to provide face-to-face support on-site to meet BEPI quality standards

  • Local experts: Availability of a directory of local BEPI-recognised service provider


  • Participant network: An exclusive network with other BEPI participants facing similar environmental challenges in their supply chain

  • Local stakeholders: Reaching local stakeholders in sourcing countries to collaborate for greater impact

  • Governance: Shaping the development of the initiative through the BEPI Working Group