amfori BEPI Supply Chain Chemical Management Module (SCCM)

amfori BEPI’s Supply Chain Chemical Management module has been designed to support members address chemical issues in their supply chain within a collaborative framework with common tools and standards. The module provides members who participate in amfori BEPI the platform and tools to communicate with their producers in all tiers, improve their chemical management and respond to detox concerns.

The module will provide them and their Producers with: 

Common tools to be used industry-wide, delivered through active collaboration.
2016-2017: In collaboration with ZDHC members on the delivery of work such as the ZDHC Audit Protocol, Effluent Guidelines and ZDHC MRSL for the textile and footwear industry.
Chemical Management improvement and measurement of producers.
2016: Chemical Management Audits and Wastewater/Sludge Sampling and Testing in collaboration with recognised service providers.
Using one voice to raise awareness and build knowledge base of producers.
2016: Provide BEPI Participants and Producers access to ZDHC Training, with the aim to better chemical management and the elimination of hazardous chemicals.
Continuous efforts to align approaches, scale efforts and reduce duplication.
Access to resources, guiding supply chain actors towards better chemical management.
2016: BEPI Website focus on Chemicals, approved Service Provider Directory, webinars and workshops


These pillars are supported by the amfori BEPI platform designed to help implement the various tools in all tiers of the supply chain.


Key benefits for participants:

•    Full scale service, ensuring intermediaries and producers understand and comply with requirements on chemicals
•    Addresses short-term or immediate response issues, such as Detox implementation and substance ban(s)
•    Addresses long-term issues, such as zero discharge of hazardous chemicals, systemic change and mature supply chains
•    Easy to plug into the amfori BEPI Framework, addressing additional environmental impacts
•    Access to credible widely used tools and standards, based on industry collaboration
•    Credible program supporting supply chain risk management and reputation management for amfori Members

By choosing one single provider and associated tools, we aim to ensure that customer requirements sent out to supply chains are framed around a common message, and that supply chain achievements can be easily understood and accepted by their customers

''We believe working collaboratively to ensure consistency in change is imperative to creating a sustainable global supplier network. The work that BEPI in partnership with ZDHC is doing will ensure a strong result in sustainability. Intertek is proud to support these efforts and contribute our knowledge and expertise to manufacturers and suppliers worldwide” commented Christophe Liebon Intertek’s Business Assurance Vice-President of Supplier Management

For more information about amfori BEPI and the Supply Chain Chemical Management Module, get in touch with us