Sedex Partnership: Leveraging Strengths to Drive Scale

In May 2016 amfori BSCI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sedex, the leading non-profit organisation working with buyers, suppliers and auditors to improve global supply chains, to co-develop projects and programmes that enhance the sustainability efforts of our memberships.

Through this partnership, our goal is to leverage our joint strengths to drive scale within the responsible sourcing industry and create numerous benefits for our members. 


“Although both organisations will remain separate entities with separate memberships, goals and objectives, we are looking forward to leveraging the considerable market size of both amfori BSCI and Sedex to effect positive change in the industry”, commented Christian Ewert, amfori Director General. “We are confident that this MoU will be the start of a long and fruitful relationship for BSCI, Sedex, and the companies that make up our global memberships.”

Lary Brown, representative of amfori member Esprit and former BSCI Steering Committee member also welcomed this collaboration: “The partnership between SEDEX and the BSCI is an important step forward for our industry and for the world of social compliance in general. Two of the largest monitoring organisations working together provides opportunities for members of both organisations, as well as thousands of supplier factories, to simplify their processes and send a more uniform message about what we are trying to do. The cooperation emphasises that the multiple organisations in this field are, indeed, all working toward the same goal of seeing ILO standards implemented in workplaces around the world.” 

See the FAQ for further information on the collaboration.

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