BSCI Services

We offer BSCI participants with a wide range of services to support the implementation of their BSCI programme, including comprehensive auditing tools and database, a broad range of workshops and e-learning sessions as well as individual advice; and opportunities to engage with importing companies and local stakeholders in sourcing countries.


  • Comprehensive auditing tools are available in more than 10 languages

  • Other monitoring tools include useful resources accessible to participants and producers, such as check-lists for buyers, self-assessment questionnaires for producers, etc.

  • An international network of accredited auditing companies is accessible for all BSCI companies

  • A comprehensive database helps to track suppliers’ performance and ease follow-up


  • The FTA Academy offers a broad range of workshops and e-learning sessions for both participants and their business partners

  • Guidance and other resources such as the BSCI System Manual, BSCI position papers and briefings, and BSCI Newsletters are useful resources for companies to step up their BSCI programme

  • Individual advice to participants is given by the secretariat, which provides support on a daily basis regarding implementation of the system


  • Resources for business partners support improvement of production sites. They are often available in local languages

  • As local BSCI participant networks, National Contact Groups (NCGs) offer a platform for participants to exchange experiences and best practices, and come together at national level

  • Strong relationships with stakeholders: BSCI dialogues with local stakeholders in sourcing countries on behalf of participants, to create synergies and deepen impact. Also, through the advocacy activities of FTA’s International Trade Policy services, BSCI is able to position itself and raise its voice at European and International level.

  • Crisis management: Participants benefit from tailor-made support to coordinate crisis response in the event of major labour issues

  • Network and best practices sharing: Through BSCI meetings and events, companies are offered the possibility to engage with peers and share best practices and latest labour trends.