amfori BSCI Sustainable Wine Programme

amfori BSCI’s Sustainable Wine Programme has been designed to respond to the need for a unified approach to integrating sustainability in the wine production industry. Through this programme, amfori BSCI empowers companies with the necessary tools to efficiently address industry-specific labour challenges, such as the protection of young workers and women, seasonality, freedom of association, injuries at the workplace and protection of the environment.

The programme aims to show tangible improvements in:


The Sustainable Wine Programme provides companies and associations with:

  • A unified approach to auditing in the wine sector, through a solid monitoring system and a functional platform where participants can share producers’ audits and work together on remediation steps
  • Access to exclusive and tailored workshops specific for tackling common sustainability challenges in wine production through the amfori Academy, a powerful online platform for knowledge-building and expertise-sharing among participants and producers worldwide


Key business benefits for participants:

in the supply chain through tailored self-assessment and audit methodologies;

Supply chain performance through training on social management systems and access to business intelligence;

with relevant stakeholders through SWP partnerships with national industry associations and participation in joint initiatives.