BSCI Working Groups

BSCI Working Groups (WGs) gather operational experts from BSCI participating companies to bring their knowledge and experience to the initiative and submit proposals to improve the BSCI system and services in six different areas. BSCI WGs also involve external experts in their work, notably by requesting feedback and consulting with stakeholders. Through their influence, the WGs bring an important contribution to the work of the BSCI Steering Committee.

BSCI System WG

Reviews the performance of tools and overall functioning of BSCI’s system from the participant perspective and submits proposals on aspects where the need for improvement has been identified.

BSCI Auditing WG

Provides feedback on all topics related to the reinforcement of BSCI auditing such as the Audit methodology and report, training of auditors, relations with auditing bodies as well as the BSCI Integrity Programme.
Chair: Annette Koch (Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Gerry Weber)  

BSCI Capacity Building WG

Provides input and recommendations for improvements of BSCI training, including the development and enhancement of participant and producer workshops as well as training materials and impact analysis.
Chair: Astrid Walter (Senior Manager Sustainability, Miles Fashion)

BSCI Food and Primary Production WG

Gives feedback and shapes the development of auditing, stakeholder engagement and capacity building especially for the food and primary production sectors.
Chair: Leon Mol (Manager Product Integrity, Royal Ahold)

BSCI Ad-Hoc System WG / Database

Proposes ongoing improvements to the BSCI database to ensure that this central tool to collect and analyse social audits and capacity building of producers is in line with the needs of companies. Provides input on material to train participants to familiarise themselves with the database.

BSCI Ad-Hoc Communication WG

Defines approaches and activities to raise awareness towards internal and external audiences of the work achieved by the initiative.
Chair: Martin Brüning (Head of Corporate Communications/Public Affairs, REWE Group)