Business and SDGs



In today’s world, offering good products at a good price with good availability is no longer enough. Consumers are increasingly demanding that companies do no harm, or even go beyond that and have a positive impact on people and planet.


But driving positive change takes collaborative action from all sides and a common framework to better coordinate efforts. At amfori, we enable our members to directly contribute to the fulfilment of a global agenda for 2030: the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Launched in 2015, the SDGs are an action plan to tackle global challenges, from inequality to climate change they represent a universal development blueprint that applies to the entire international community. Businesses are in a unique position to help fulfil the goals given the scale and impact of global supply chains.

Independent of size, industry and location, businesses can embed the United Nations Global Principles within their strategy to act responsibly. 

The SDGs are interlinked, which means focusing on one will have an indirect effect on many of the others. While SDG 4 (Quality Education), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and 17 (Partnerships for Goals) are at the core of what we do, amfori members have a direct and indirect impacts on all other goals.

None of these goals will be achieved if we act in isolation. Join amfori and start driving sustainability across your business.


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