FTA members hail from every corner of Europe, and their supply chains stretch across the globe. To support them to strengthen their activities, FTA’s community extends to national and international level. This includes FTA Country Representations in Bangladesh, China, India and Turkey, and FTA Sustainability National Contact Groups (NCGs) in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden. This way, FTA offers members access to a powerful community of peers and experts on sustainable trade issues


FTA Community across the globe (click on the map to expand)

FTA Country Representations

Through country representatives acting on behalf of the association and its sustainability initiatives in FTA’s top sourcing countries, we leverage the impact of our activities directly at the site of action.

  • Bangladesh: Daniel Seidl
  • China: Joyce Chau
  • India: Natasha Mehta-Majumdar 
  • Turkey: Müge Tuna
  • USA & Canada: Kelli Hoggle


  Contact our local representatives    Visit the official site for China


FTA Sustainability National Contact Groups

With over 2,000 participants and growing, FTA relies on NCGs to offer a platform for informal BSCI and BEPI participants' discussion and best practice sharing at national level. The results of these meetings are shared with all BSCI participants, helping them to stay informed of national developments in other EU countries that might become trends.

  • Denmark: Gry Oexenholt (Chair NCG)
  • Finland:  Marja Aho (Chair, NCG)
  • France: Stéphan Arino (Co-Chair NCG), Olivier Touzé (Co-Chair NCG), Sylvie Thonnerieux (Coordinator NCG), Anne Le Rolland (Coordinator NCG)
  • Germany: Daniel Hopp (Chair NCG), Lorenz Berzau (Coordinator NCG)
  • the Netherlands: Monique Ansink (Chair NCG), Norma Snell (Coordinator NCG)
  • Spain: Delia Garcia (Temporary Chair) Isabel Castillo (Coordinator NCG)
  • Sweden: Catherine Nasser (Chair NCG), Erica Persson (Co-Chair NCG), Martin Horwitz (Coordinator NCG)
  • Switzerland: Jürg von Niederhäusern (Chair NCG), Pierre Strub (Coordinator NCG)


Visit the official site for Switzerland Visit the official for the Netherlands