Country Due Diligence Tool

Make smarter decisions. Manage risks efficiently


Due diligence is about understanding your company’s supply chain and managing any potential risks it presents. It can greatly inform decision-making and reduce the likelihood of those risks becoming a reality.

The complexity of working across global supply chains includes dealing with unique sets of circumstances that each country brings. Changing risks and evolving contexts can make conducting good due diligence challenging.

To further support our members’ due diligence efforts, amfori has developed the Country Due Diligence tool.



1. Country Risk Classification
mine the level of risk related to a country’s governance

An extensive list that classifies countries according to the World Bank’s Worldwide Governance Indicators. The list, updated annually, provides overall risk scores and governance area-specific scores that members can use to check for the necessity and frequency of amfori BSCI audits.

2. Country Indicators
Get an overview of a country’s trade and sustainability situation

Choose a country and review a breakdown of its unique social, environmental and trade situation. Each respective section focuses on the top five issues and corresponding risk levels identified for the country selected. Indicators are updated annually and derived from credible, publicly-available datasets.

The tool’s two main components can be accessed through the Country Due Diligence Dashboard.


  • Access country-specific data on social, environmental and trade performance all in one place
  • Map and manage risks for specific countries efficiently
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Indicators are designed to be used alongside amfori services
  • Data drawn from recognised and credible sources



The Country Risk Classification (CRC) 2020 is now available as November. Download the advance copy for members only. The updated classifications will only come into effect on 1 January 2021.

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