In order to support true implementation of the BSCI Code of Conduct, BSCI participants actively involve their staff and their producers in the various capacity building activities proposed by BSCI in Europe and in sourcing countries. These activities are either developed by BSCI directly or in close partnership with other existing organisations that follow the same goal.

Capacity building activities help build the knowledge, skills and ownership required to embed BSCI requirements in the internal policies and processes and achieve sustainable improvements in working conditions in factories and farms worldwide. The focus and content of capacity building are adapted to the type of audience, the maturity level, sector, country or region.

The following graphics demonstrate the continuous development encouraged amongst BSCI participants and their producers through a mix of beginner and advanced capacity building. (click to enlarge)


Training for Auditors and Trainers

BSCI also provides regular training to both auditors, who require a thorough understanding of BSCI 2.0 when auditing factories and farms, and local trainers that provide BSCI capacity building workshops in local sourcing countries. This ensures that all service providers gain the necessary expertise to deliver high quality support on BSCI 2.0 around the world. 

Training With Partner Organisations

BSCI works with organisations in sourcing countries to offer BSCI participants opportunities to gain knowledge on local labour issues while ensuring it is in line with BSCI 2.0. For example, BSCI works with the ILO-SCORE in China. This is a programme that helps SMEs to improve productivity and working conditions.
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