We will become amfori as from January 2018

Time does not stand still and humanity will change more in the next 20 years than it ever has. We need to ensure we not only adapt to change, but thrive upon it.

We want to create a world where all trade delivers social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone

This is our vision – a bold ambition which has propelled us to reshape our organisation so it is fit for the future and fit for purpose. Vision 2030 is the strategy that will help us get there.

Drawing on the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, Vision 2030 will enable us to provide practical support to all businesses committed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It will also address the ever-changing global trends impacting companies, positioning the organisation firmly to be a strong voice for global responsible trade. 

Our new future-fit organisation needs a new brand that clearly communicates our vision and purpose. That leaves no doubt about who we are and what we stand for.  

amfori reflects our belief in trade as an instrument of human progress. 

Why amfori?

Amphorae were containers used to ship staples around the ancient world when the principles of successful trade were established. They symbolise the pioneering spirit of the early global traders and that trade is timeless, essential to our past and to our future. 

Our new name is directly inspired by them.


A phased approach

We want to make sure that we have clear branding in line with our shared purpose. A brand that encompasses all that we do under one name. A brand that is memorable and meaningful, and that reflects what we are about.

Our new brand will be implemented as from January 2018, alongside our Vision 2030. Our product brands, BSCI and BEPI will be retained as names integrated under the brand of amfori to simplify and present our offering in a more holistic way.